Dec 19, 2011

OPEN: 2nd Year Anniversary Giveaway

2nd Year Anniversary Giveaway
As I promise, here is  another giveaway that I have in celebration for my 2nd year in YOUTUBE!(yey!) During my first year, I wasn't that active and I didn't celebrate it at all but this year. I was so blessed and happy and one of the achievements I got this year is to earn more subscribers and people who started to notice my so called "talent" in doing make-up so I wanted to return the favor to all of you.

Dec 18, 2011

Sigma Brushes

Last Black Friday, I took advantage of ordering from Sigma since they have FREE SHIPPING WORLD WIDE promo for that day only. I know, I know, I totally forgot about the tax and all but it's worth-it. I am at peace to know that the brushes I got are authentic and straight from Sigma itself. Good thing I got a coupon code for Free First-Class Mail from MissChievous, a british makeup guru in Youtube so I got my brushes with-in 2 weeks.

Dec 17, 2011

CHARM Essential Pretty in Pink Vegan Brushes

I am so happy that my make-up brushes are starting to grow and one of the newly added brushes from my collection is this Pretty in Pink Vegan Brushes from Beauty and Minerals. I got mine from Crossings EDSA Shangrila which  is near my work place so it's very convenient.

Dec 16, 2011

Holiday Look 1

Here is an early wearable Holiday Look you can try during the happiest season!

Products I used are below:

Ever Belina Eyeshadow 12 Shades Look 2

Here is the second look I came up with using the Ever Belina Eyeshadow 12 Shades:
Here are the products that I used in this look:

Dec 4, 2011

Winner of the 100 Plus Subscriber Giveaway

Thank you to all who join!
Watch out for a new set of giveaways this month!

Nov 27, 2011

What's inside my make-up bag?

So I've been wanting to do this for the longest time and I just can't find time to do it. Most of the time, after filming a make-up look, I often pack my things and get ready either for work or to get some rest. So now, I took advantage of the long weekend (Thanksgiving and Black Friday) that I've been wanting (haha) and do some work for you guys.
This is my current make-up bag that I always carry along with me on a daily basis (most of the time).

I just recently got this and it was just a HUGE coincident. I was with my best friend that was really looking for a costume for the 1st birthday of her son when I bumped in to this. YES! I found it in the KIDDIE Section of SM Department Store (Cubao) and I automatically fell in-love.

It is perfect since its big enough to fit all my makeup necessity. Inside it very spacious with a side pocket inside and outside.

Nov 19, 2011

Giveaway: 100 Plus Youtube Subscribers

Recently, I hit my 100th subscribers in Youtube (yey!) so to show my small token of gratitude to all of you, I plan a small giveaway to say
This gives me more reason to continue to share my ideas and experience to all of you especially to all Filipina who read my blog and watch my videos.

Nov 11, 2011

Red Jhelli Shop Contact Lenses - Fairy Style Hanabi Brown

So it's the time of the month to share with all of you the new pair of contact lenses I got from Ms Jhia of  Red Jhelli Shop and as always, I picked this from her On-Hand album. I normally plan ahead (atleast 1 month ahead) on what lenses I will pick for next month and surprisingly this month, I was not prepared.(wahaha) so I quickly browse the album and pick a pair from a line that I haven't tested yet so I decided to have this.

Oct 25, 2011

Halloween Look - Gothic Doll

Halloween is approaching close and you better make sure you have your costumes ready for all the Halloween parties you will go. No idea what to be on the party, check this out.
I myself wanted to go on different Halloween parties myself but I have to admit that I always had a hard time when I see creepy, scary, full blooded and torn costumes because it haunts me in my dreams (who doesn't?). However, I still wanted to go and check those party-goers and be amaze with their creativity and mind-blowing ideas. With costumes, I want mine to be simple, girly and it must have the creepiness to scare children away and here is the look I decide to try.

Oct 24, 2011

Ever Belina Eyeshadow 12 Shades Look 1

I was looking through my things when I saw my Ever Belina Eyeshadow 12 Shades which was given to me by a co-worker and I realize that I haven't really use it since I got it so I decided to play around with it and came up with this look:

Below are the materials and makeup that I used in this look:

Oct 17, 2011

Red Jhelli Shop Contact Lenses - Sakura Grey

Sakura Grey

Last week, I received my new contact lenses from Jhia of Red Jhelli Shop. I personally picked this contact lenses because I feel like it's simple and yet it will give me that extra boost I need for some of my makeup tutorials and for everyday use.

Oct 2, 2011

New Lippies - NYX Round Lipsticks

Last year, I haven't got much attention to my lipstick until I notice that I've been using the same lipstick brand and color for almost the entire year. I mention to my blog "Top 5 Favorite Lipsticksthat I am in process of updating my lipstick collection and here is just an update.

Oct 1, 2011

Sephora Haul

I just want to share with you some make-up goodies that my boyfriend gave me. He is working in Qatar and he passed by Sephora and pick up some items. I haven't tried them all but I am very excited.

Sep 26, 2011

Night Out Look

During Saturday night and I know a lot of you gals would like to got out and have some fun so I came up with a look that is simple, refreshing and easy to to.

Products that I used:

Sep 21, 2011

Red Jhelli Shop Contact Lenses - Black Diamond

Hello everyone,
I just want to share with you the new lenses I got from Red Jhelli Shop
Black Diamond

Sep 16, 2011

Philippine Cosmetics Expo 2011

I just want to share with you all some stuff that I got from this years Philippines Cosmetics Expo. I actually got a lot so please bare with me. I went there during the 1st day(Friday) and last day (Sunday) of the expo because I know some of the participating entrepreneurs will be giving discounts on the last day!

I already tested some of the items which as usual, I will be sharing my thoughts about it so let's get started!
From Digital Traincase
So I first went to the Digital Traincase stall and got a bunch of Nyx products

Sep 6, 2011

Target Haul

So last 2009, I got the change to flew to San Francisco, California for a week of conference/training for our company. Of course, since this is my first time, I didn't let my change to slip away so we toured around. I wasn't able to go to places outside San Mateo because we need to go back to our hotel and taxi is not really a good option. Anyway, when I was there, I got a chance to shop and see different beauty/makeup products that are not available in the Philippines so I grab as much as I could. This year, 2 of my co-workers were asked to go there for another training so I asked them to grab something for me from Target since that's the closest store from their hotel and these are the items that they were able to get among the long list that I have.

LA Colors Haul

Here is the items I got from LA Colors!

It's been awhile since I got these items but I just want to share my thoughts about these items. I got these product from the "US AVE Store" in Farmers Plaza Mall in Cubao.
At first, I was very hesitant to buy this because I am not sure if the products here are authenticated but I concur my curiosity and decided to but some to test.

Sep 5, 2011

Saizen Haul

I went to Robinson's Galleria to seek for the ever famous Saizen store. They said it was the biggest biggest branch of Saizen so I went there to check. I was surprise to see the store. It was like 2x bigger than the store from Trinoma!

Red Jhelli Shop Contact Lenses - Princess Mimi in Almond Brown

I received a new pair of contact lenses from Red Jhelli Shop which is still part of my price from the last contest that they held and I am so excited to show you guys how it looked like:

This is the free lense I got from Red Jhelli Shop for the month of August.

I am not sure what to pick from their On-Hand items but when I saw the picture for this item, I immediately fell in-love with it.

Sep 4, 2011

July and August Haul

It's been a while since I post a new blog and a haul so please expect that this might be a jam pack of products that I got for July and August.
I will try to get this info as organize as possible so please bare with me. ^_^

Elf Golden Bronzer
I am not that happy with this product for this only makes me more oily throughout the entire day.

Aug 19, 2011

Re-posting: Back to Back: A Collaboration Giveaway by The Queenvie Diary and MakeUpLove

Please check out  MakeUpLove and The Queenvie Diary  blogs and win awesome goodies!
Contest ends on August 31, 2011

Jul 26, 2011

Daily Foundation Routine

I would like to share with you my updated foundation routine. Just to share with you a short story, my very first video in youtube is my very old foundation routine(haha) and as I learn more about make up, I updated my foundation routine every once in a while. I didn't got the chance to share it with everyone verbally but most of my videos shows how I apply my foundation(so I guess it counts...)

For my updated foundation routine, I somehow use mostly of my old method (just because it works for me) but products were change and additional steps are added. Below is a list of products that I used:

Clear Fairness Moisturizer - Clean and Clear
Dream on Base - Etude House
Precious Mineral BB Cream - Etude House
Foundation - Revlon Color Stay or Maybelline Super Stay Make up
Stippling Brush - Etude House
Surprise Essence Concealer - Etude House
Loose Powder - Fashion 21

Hope you guys like and try it.!

Jul 17, 2011

iBlog: The First R.J.S Annual Blogging Contest

I would like to share with you guys my experience with Red Jhelli Shop and their contact lenses. I bought a bunch of contact lenses from them and that's how much I enjoy wearing their lenses. This is just one of the most recent lenses I got from them.

Jul 4, 2011

Face of the Day

I woke up early and I had enough time to prepare and do my make. I decided to try and see how the contact lenses I got from Red Jhelli Shop would look on me. I really loved them!

Jun 26, 2011

My Birthday Contest Winners

Hi Everyone!

As promise, below are the winners of my Birthday Contest. Congratulations to the following:

Youtube Contest Winners
1st place

2nd place

Blog Contest
1st place

2nd place

For youtube winners, I will send you a message to get your shipping address.
For blog winners, please send me a message through my youtube account or send me an email with your shipping information at

You have until 
July 1 
to respond otherwise 
your price will be forfeited.
for all who join.
Wait for more contest and giveaways soon!

Jun 6, 2011

May Haul 2011 - warning! heavy images

I wanted to post this entry a lot earlier since I've been so lazy updating my vlog and blog about the items I found and I've been wanting to try for the entire month of May and I was surprise on how much I spend (wahahaha) but at the end of the day, I was still happy because I satisfied my craving and my curiousness about beauty related and make up stuff! So below are the items I bought for the entire month of May. Some I already tested some, I am still about to try.

 Beauty Related Products:

Asian Secrets Lulu Whitening Body Scrub
This product promises to exfoliate your skin and remove dead skins to leave your skin feeling smooth with radiant glow.
It has green tea and vitamin E. Just scrub this product in your skin especially the dark areas while it is dry to remove dead skin and dirt.

Jun 1, 2011

My Birthday Contest

This month is very special to me because it's my birthday month!(yey!) I want to do something different this year where in I will be the one giving away gifts on my birthday!
I will be hosting 2 contest this month. One for my Youtube Channel and the other one is here in my blog. Mechanics are very simple because I want you guys to have the prices without giving too much effort.

May 29, 2011

April Haul 2011

This post will show stuff that I purchase last April. I didn't got a lot of new stuff in that month so this blog might be just short.

Purederm - Facial Mask
Since summer, my skin gets really dry so I got these facial masks from Purederm.
This will help your skin retain the moisture level it needs and this cost only Php50.00. I've been using this product twice a month and so far it does the job.

May 16, 2011

February and March Haul - Beauty Related Products

Finally, I was able to do this long time overdue haul blog about the items I purchase last February and March. I was so excited that after filming the video and uploading it in Youtube, I totally forgot to blog about it. The products below and that were mention on my video are all new and I am still testing during that time but since I was delay on blogging about it. I may now give my honest opinion about the products.

Apr 2, 2011

First Client - Yey! Graduation Look

It was my privileged to do the hair and make up of a close friend of mine for her Graduation Ceremony Last April 1, 2011. She finally finished high-school and ready to face a new challenge of her life. I was able to take a few picture of her but we were on a very tight timeline (I still have night shift and her call time was an hour before the time indicated on the invitation).
This is the before look. However, I already curled her hair since we are running out of time.

Thanks for the experience and Congratulations!