Feb 12, 2012

Updated Foundation Routine and a Giveaway!

I've been receiving a lot of complements from my subscribers and friends on how my face looks nice in my videos. They requested me to show to them how I do my foundation everyday. I already uploaded in my channel my foundation routine but this time around, I would like to show you my updated routine. Most of the procedures are the same but some are newly added steps that I learn and tested. I also used different products but some are still the same from my last Foundation Routine.I hope you guys like this. Please watch the video below to join the Kabuki Sigma Brush Giveaway!

Targets of the Year 2012

Last year was a blast! I never expected that I will be able to meet almost half of my targets. This year, I want to be meaningful and I had a hard time picking up the items I would really want to have this year.