Feb 28, 2011

Golden Prom Look

I decided to create a look that every girl can wear on their prom night/graduation ball. This look is easy and can fit to almost every type of skin color. Here is the final look

The products I used are the following:

Feb 4, 2011

MixandMatch Haul

Recently, I am not happy on how my eyebrows look lately. I feel like they are not on the same level and they don't look a like. I watched different gurus on how to groom your eyebrows to at least give it some justice but I am still not happy with it. On her video, she used an eyebrow stencil to help guide in filling her eyebrows and the proper direction of plucking it. This is when I begun my hunt for a stencil that will help and guide me in grooming my eyebrows.

I've search far and wide for a stencil in the market but I found none. Then I tried looking for a local online store that sells stencils and luckily, I found one.

The website is called MixandMatch which is a multiply account and the name of the owner is Sharon Chua. She was so nice to ship the product to me in a short notice.

I only wanting to get the stencil but since I have to pay for shipping which is almost half of the price of the stencil, I decided to add one more stuff in my order. These are the product I bought from her:

Eyebrow Template