Sep 26, 2011

Night Out Look

During Saturday night and I know a lot of you gals would like to got out and have some fun so I came up with a look that is simple, refreshing and easy to to.

Products that I used:

Sep 21, 2011

Red Jhelli Shop Contact Lenses - Black Diamond

Hello everyone,
I just want to share with you the new lenses I got from Red Jhelli Shop
Black Diamond

Sep 16, 2011

Philippine Cosmetics Expo 2011

I just want to share with you all some stuff that I got from this years Philippines Cosmetics Expo. I actually got a lot so please bare with me. I went there during the 1st day(Friday) and last day (Sunday) of the expo because I know some of the participating entrepreneurs will be giving discounts on the last day!

I already tested some of the items which as usual, I will be sharing my thoughts about it so let's get started!
From Digital Traincase
So I first went to the Digital Traincase stall and got a bunch of Nyx products

Sep 6, 2011

Target Haul

So last 2009, I got the change to flew to San Francisco, California for a week of conference/training for our company. Of course, since this is my first time, I didn't let my change to slip away so we toured around. I wasn't able to go to places outside San Mateo because we need to go back to our hotel and taxi is not really a good option. Anyway, when I was there, I got a chance to shop and see different beauty/makeup products that are not available in the Philippines so I grab as much as I could. This year, 2 of my co-workers were asked to go there for another training so I asked them to grab something for me from Target since that's the closest store from their hotel and these are the items that they were able to get among the long list that I have.

LA Colors Haul

Here is the items I got from LA Colors!

It's been awhile since I got these items but I just want to share my thoughts about these items. I got these product from the "US AVE Store" in Farmers Plaza Mall in Cubao.
At first, I was very hesitant to buy this because I am not sure if the products here are authenticated but I concur my curiosity and decided to but some to test.

Sep 5, 2011

Saizen Haul

I went to Robinson's Galleria to seek for the ever famous Saizen store. They said it was the biggest biggest branch of Saizen so I went there to check. I was surprise to see the store. It was like 2x bigger than the store from Trinoma!

Red Jhelli Shop Contact Lenses - Princess Mimi in Almond Brown

I received a new pair of contact lenses from Red Jhelli Shop which is still part of my price from the last contest that they held and I am so excited to show you guys how it looked like:

This is the free lense I got from Red Jhelli Shop for the month of August.

I am not sure what to pick from their On-Hand items but when I saw the picture for this item, I immediately fell in-love with it.

Sep 4, 2011

July and August Haul

It's been a while since I post a new blog and a haul so please expect that this might be a jam pack of products that I got for July and August.
I will try to get this info as organize as possible so please bare with me. ^_^

Elf Golden Bronzer
I am not that happy with this product for this only makes me more oily throughout the entire day.