Apr 2, 2011

First Client - Yey! Graduation Look

It was my privileged to do the hair and make up of a close friend of mine for her Graduation Ceremony Last April 1, 2011. She finally finished high-school and ready to face a new challenge of her life. I was able to take a few picture of her but we were on a very tight timeline (I still have night shift and her call time was an hour before the time indicated on the invitation).
This is the before look. However, I already curled her hair since we are running out of time.

Thanks for the experience and Congratulations!

Apr 1, 2011

Top 5 Favorite Lipsticks

This is a tag game where I first saw from Noe's (ColorIsMyWeapon) channel and I was excited to present my own version of my Top 5: Favorite Lipsticks.
I don't own many lipsticks to be honest but these are by far what I've been loving for this year. These are basically used for everyday look. Some were already been used on few of my tutorials.