Apr 29, 2016



Korean style makeup are so "IN" now a days and its look like its been hype by most Filipina. I think the "innocent" and "barely there" makeup look is something that most of us wanted.
If you search online Korean makeup brands, you will come across products that are now innovative and fun. Peel-off makeups are the most popular type of makeup when it comes to innovative concepts. The entire process is simple and the product claims to stay longer than the regular makeup products. I was really hesitant to try these kinds of products but if it free, I might as well grab it,

So I got this product for free from a korean salon (Bangs by Tony & Jackey) when I treat my mom and got her hair done. There was only one shade left so I just picked one and I asked the front desk about this product. She said it was a lip stain and it will last on your lips for more than 8 hours.

I wasn't sure if she have even tried the product so I went ahead and read the packaging. Good thing that the instructions have english translation. The instructions were pretty straight forward. 

I research about the product online. Unfortunately, there were only a few reviews about it and I can't even read the actual website. So I just refer to the online shops that sells this product. There are 3 shades for this product. Mandarin Orange, Peach Pink and the one that I got is the Berry Red.

The packaging is a bit longer than an average lip gloss container. The applicator is a brush type and its not to flimsy and stiff. This product also has a very strong scent and you will immediately smell it once you open the container.

According to the website, you will need to apply the product evenly on the lips and leave it on for about 7-10 minutes until it becomes dry. I decided to leave mine for 20 minutes and it was instructed to me by the people from the salon. I also tried it swatch the product at the back of my hand and this is how it looked like,

I waited for it to be completely dry before I peeled it off. Peeling it wasn't that hard. You will just need to start at the edges or corners. Once peeled you will notice that the actual product you peeled looks like just a melted glue/plastic

But when you view the area where you peeled it off, it definitely left a stain.

For full demo on how I applied it on my lips, watch video below: