Feb 11, 2016

Product Review: Catrice All Matt Plus Foundation and Powder

Catrice All Matt Plus Foundation and Powder

My search for the best foundations for oily skin continues. As always, when I got the time (and budget), I always make sure to pass by the drugstore section to check out products that I haven't tried and that are new to me. There was a holiday sale at SM Megamall, and so I horded some products from different brands. I stumble upon Catrice counter and 

I've heard about this brand from other Youtube vloggers and bloggers but I never got the chance to try them. Mainly because I find it a bit expensive and to be honest, I haven't heard anyone who raved about it so I decided to give it a try. The saleslady recommended this foundation and powder since I wanted something great for oily skin.

And so I got the All Matt Plus foundation in 020 Nude Beige. It took me some time to figure out which shade I best fit in since this foundation only have 5 shade. Another factor that makes it harder is the lighting at the store. It was kinda yellowish so I had a hard time seeing whether the shade have pink undertone or not.

It has 30ML product in its slightly frosted glass container. It comes with a pump which is decent looking and has a really nice control. I got this for Php 599.00.

Although the main claims are listed at the front part of the container, the back side shows the detailed claims of the foundation (also with translations).
To make it easier, I listed the claims of this product:

* Acts like a second, invisible skin.
* Shine Control
* Moisturising
* Oil-free
* Longlasting (18 hours)
* Great coverage
* Silky-matt finish
*A flawless, fresh look

I was able to swatch this shade from the store but as what I've mentioned earlier, I had a hard time figuring out if this shade is the best shade for my skin tone so here is the how the shade looks like:

The consistency of this product is thick and creamy. It also have a very noticeable scent pero for me, it is a very nice scent, but not pungging smell.

Here is how it looks when slightly blended. As you guys can see, the consistency is really thick.

 I was surprise to see how fast it sets in my skin, It only took like 1-2 minutes (approximately) and it was easy to blend too however, the shade seems to be a little too lighter for my shade.
It does have a very noticable scent but its not pungging. I find it really nice actually,

I also got the powder match of this foundation. It was for Php300 since it was on-sale when I got it.
I got a the shade Warm Beige which is slightly darker than the foundation shade I got. the back label shows the claims of this product.

Looking at the product itself. It has an engraved design which looks really fancy for me. The container is a like a regular acrylic po compact but unfortunately, it does not come with a mirror nor an applicator.

The powder feels really fine and smooth and here is a small swatch of the powder at the back of my hand.
*Turns your skin into a shine-free zone.
*Long-lasting matt complexion
*Smooth finish

I wasn't able to take a photo of my face before I apply the foundation but this is how it looks on my skin.

This is how it looks like after 4 hours. It oiled-up on my skin but the foundation still looks good and intact.I just blotted the oil in my T-zone and checks area.

After 9 hours of testing these products for its longevity, here is how my face looks like.
It looks almost the same as how it looked after 4 hours except it more oilier but when you blot the excess oiliness in my face, the foundation still seems to look intact.

Verdict for the Foundation
Affordability: 3
I find it a little pricey for a drugstore brand but this would probably one of those products that actually works\

Packaging: 3 
Although its not as travel friend as other brands offer I am giving the credit for the pump it comes with

Application: 5
It was very easily to apply using any method or tool.  It blends really easy and even-out my skin. I also like the fact the its buildable.

Claims: 5
Although I wasn't able to test the 18 hours long wearing claim, I must say that almost all of its claims were true.

Longevity: 4
6 hours in my skin without loosing its coverage nor changing its appearance in my skin makes me believe that it can last more than 8 hours but I wouldn't wear makeup for 18 hours anyway. 

Oily Skin Friendly: 4
Yes, it oiled up on my skin after a few hours but the fact that it looks the same even after blotting.. its amazing!

Verdict for the Powder
Affordability: 4
I got it on sale!

Packaging: 2
It would probably work well if it has an applicator and mirror. But I love the engraved design and the scent!

Application: 3
I had to use a powder brush to apply it but I think it work just as find with a puff/sponge

Claims: 3
It works better as a setting powder rather than a touch-up powder. It didn't caked on me, and I think that it did a pretty decent job in controlling my oily skin

Longevity: 2
I started noticing my face getting oily around 3 hours after application.

Oily Skin Friendly: 2

If you wish to see these products in action, watch my roadtest review video here: